Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who Do I Think I Am?

The Name's Sheila Walsh. I'm the daughter of a New York City Crime Scene Detective and a saucy Latin home maker. I am one of eight siblings. Obviously me posting this blog means I attend Hunter college. When I'm not busy with school I'm jumping from part-time job to part-time job while I still have the luxury. Staying at one job for too long after i've learned the tricks of the trade bores me to tears. I can clean the heck out of your laundry, make you the best caramel latte you'll ever drink and recommend you a kickass skin care regimen. I know I wouldn't be able to say that, had I stayed at one job. I'll try anything once because I'd rather try something and regret it than not try it and regret it.
On my down time I spend as much time with my family as I can. Family is very important to me and I love my large, loud, animated, always talking with their hands, Irish, Italian, and Puerto Rican family. I also model, draw, write, swim, and surf whenever I can. I believe music can get anyone through the hardest of times and 80's rock music is my life's playlist. I can honestly say I have no tragedy to express. My life has been pretty free of heartache. I know, in New York at the age of 20, that seems next to impossible but it's true. I've been fortunate enough to avoid any major life changing devastation. Dont' get me wrong, my life hasn't been all Reese's Pieces and butterflies either. But i'm healthy, my close relatives are alive and well, and i've got a life ahead of me that is full of opportunities. So, who do I think I am? I think that question takes a lifetime to answer. All I can say is that i'm going to try and have fun and do as much as I possibly can within that lifetime.

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