Friday, February 4, 2011

Melissa Sherbet

Hello Professor and fellow students!
Who do I think I am? Well, I know how it all began, that's for sure.
I was conceived in Morocco, while my parents traveled around Europe in the early 70s. My mother toyed with the idea of calling me Rainbow since Sherbet is my last name, nearly called me Honey, then she finally settled on Melissa. Why? Because her spaghetti loving cat was named Melissa and she just liked that name.

Last semester I returned to school after fifteen years of working. Living in New York with little degree (Associates degree from FIT) meant I had mostly sales jobs and filler jobs to make ends meet. I was definitely busy working, working. working.

My decision to go back to school was definitely not made on the fly. I felt much conflict, since if you haven't guessed yet, I never really was a fan of school. I was standing at a cosmetics counter longing for more out of life. Sure, helping elderly ladies with the right shade of lipstick was fun at the time. NOT! Surely, there had to be more out there for me. More opportunity, more growth, more passion. If I didn't make a move, I'd be physically falling apart at a counter till I died.

As long as I can remember I've been a media junkie.I have a ravenous appetite for movies and watch tons of T.V. My husband and I are apple heads and I find myself curious about how to do all sorts of things on our computer. I'm proud to say, besides being a loving aunt of three, a mama to a three year old goofy dog, a happily married wife to my best friend for the past two years, I am also a full time student. A happy one at that!!!!


  1. I really appreciate where you're coming from, I too returned to school after years of working at jobs that didn't fill my heart, congrats!
    p.s. your dog is so cute!

  2. I like your spirit...that's what we need in today's generation where graduation rates are slipping down like crazy..good luck