Friday, February 4, 2011

This question of "Who Are You" is not an easy question to answer.
My name is Jing but I'd prefer to be called "Jay". It's my last year at Hunter College and I cannot wait to get out. I am not a school person, I'm more of a life person if that makes any sense at all. I had been working since 14 years old from being a cashier at McDonald's to receptionist at a spa, box office representative at an off Broadway theatre and most recently for the past 2 years I had been doing production assisting for a video production company and music licensing for a record label. Shortly after I did production assisting at a photography agency. I've had a better time outside of school actually doing things than being inside of school and forced to learn things I will not use 90% of the time.

I have recently become obsessed with extraterrestrials and spirituality. You can thank unemployment and the winter for that.


  1. I hope that you can use your time in this course to "actually do and make" something. This class is for you! Make of it what you wish, bring to it what interests you. I look forward to seeing what you might make for your final.

  2. I love your honesty about wanting to get out of school and the point of it all. I often feel the same way and have had many conversations about it. for some people on the job training is more beneficial than textbook learning.