Monday, February 14, 2011


From the time of our birth or may be before that, our parents, society conditioned within us the seeds of what we should do or what we shouldn’t. So whatever we do and however we behave, does that constitute who we really are? Let’s not touch this confusing aspect of this question.

However, to answer this question in a simple way possible, I am a Sherpa -Tibetan Nepali girl born in Kathmandu who came to United States to pursue her undergraduate degree in Psychology. Yes, I know most of you have no idea about where Nepal. Click here.
I am currently working as a Communication Officer for NSSP (Network of Sherpa Students and Professionals) which aims to help Sherpa students and community in every area as possible. In one of NSSP’s event, we did gather some graduates to talk about their experience to encourage new generation students and we did also organise a women workshop which was a great success. Seeing women graduates outnumbering the men graduates felt really good . Ms. Anuradha Koirala (CNN Hero of 2010) is one of my inspirations. I just cannot bare the double standard behaviour and also want to help combat the sexual exploitation of women and children especially in third world countries.

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  1. I have always wanted to visit Nepal. The beauty is always wondrous to me. It is also a highly spiritual and enlightening place that has called my attention more than once. As with most things, it seems there is a darker side to the beauty i have been shown as an outsider. I hope we have a chance to learn more about your beautiful country.