Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stories of Abuse

So for my final project I chose to do a video on domestic abuse. I’m fortunate enough to have never been abused in my life but I’ve watched other people’s lives destroyed from abuse. Whether it’s physical or emotional, abuse cannot be accepted. For my video I interviewed some people on their own experiences with abuse and the result is some graphic accounts of abuse in their lives. This is a silent epidemic that needs to be dealt with. When I first started making this video I really didn’t have anyone in mind to interview. Through some small asking around I ended up finding four different women, all with a very unique and personal story. I struggled editing this video because honestly these stories barely need to be edited. Instead I chose to keep the video pretty simple, no major effects or music, just the stories.

Stories of Abuse Video

Password to access video: womenandmedia

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