Saturday, May 14, 2011

Resources for NYC Women with Diabetes

We are all told that diet and exercise will help us lose weight, will keep us healthier. Changing one’s lifestyle is difficult with out motivation. According to the 2009 New York City Community Health Survey there are approximately 324,000 female diabetics here in New York City alone. Type II diabetes can be managed by diet and exercise.

When one is diagnosed with diabetes, if she is lucky, she is referred to the nutritionist. Other exercise and education programs may exist at a more robust clinic; however, most clinics are not equipped with health educators, certified diabetes educators or even nutritionists. Health care team education is vital.
If she has access to a computer, an internet search would provide her with some information. Patient education is critical. A website where women can enter their NYC zipcode and find best practice resources for diabetes. The best practice resources would be contributed by diabetes care team members. Today I'm presenting my best practice resources.

A link to my presentation is below:
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