Saturday, May 14, 2011

Female Correspondents in the White House Press Corps

According to the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, women have comprised the majority of college journalism majors since 1977. However, according to the Poynter Institute’s American Journalist Survey, done in 2003, women represent only 37% of personalities on television, 33% of writers for daily newspapers, 22% of radio personalities, and 20% of representatives for a major wire service. Shockingly, the results of this survey differed very little from a similar one conducted by the Institute in 1982. Add onto this the fact that many of the stories given to female journalists are considered “fluff” pieces – centered on the entertainment industry, fashion, and beauty – and the severity of this issue becomes more apparent.

For my project, I decided to focus on a group of serious female journalists, journalists that are not degraded to "fluff" pieces based on their gender. I chose to make a movie in the styling of a broadcast news piece, highlighting three of these correspondents who stand out for various reasons.

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