Saturday, May 14, 2011

the DOUBLE STANDARD: Female Promiscuity

When thinking about this project I was very much confused on the topic as well as medium I would use to present. We all know there are many issues Women face and many things in the world it would be great to see women take on and have a positive affect. I chose a topic dealing with sexual health because of my past work with the subject as a peer educator and conversations I've had with people in my life. It just seemed to fit at the time. The idea for a magazine, well web zine came because I wanted to challenge myself a bit creatively within reason. Meaning no camera work. Through this process i learned that being an "editor" is not easy in any form. To give me a small taste of being an editor of a magazine I enlisted outside help in the form of writers and subjects (interviewees).
My topic question is To be or not to be... a slut?! It looks at the idea of sexual promiscuity and the negative impact of the word slut. With this issue of my zine I hoped to take away the negativity and stigma associated with promiscuity and embrace sexual freedom in order to decrease sexual abuse of ourselves and each other. Towards the end I had to question whether or not my goal had been achieved and to be honest.. I'm still very much questioning this.
But here at the Double Standard I encourage you to form your own opinion. So Read on :) .

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