Saturday, May 14, 2011

A History of Oppression Through Superheroes' Eyes

Comic books are a mirror for American culture and life. People write what they know about and much of history can be found in the oldest comic books created. But world wars, propaganda, explosions and history are not the only things contained within the pages of the comic books. Oppression,inequalities and decades of sexist and chauvanistic ideals litter the pages of the comic books that we still read today. A lot can be said about these ideals, as so many of them have not been erased. The commodification of a womans body is the most obvious issue with these comic books. By making a female superhero scantily clad,or a buxom babe, she is made to be a view for the male gaze,just as any women in America is today. Gender inequalities are also extremely visible in these comic books,as women superherous, were few and far between and were rarely ever given the storylines that were well deserved. Many of the ladies were girlfriends of the superheroes, only placed within a comic book as the bat, the dumb girl that has to be saved by her man. The seeds of these inequalities are planted into young male readers,the primary market. How are women to become equal and stop being the victim of violence when the chavanstic mentality is taught at such a young age? Just like Wonder Woman the remake couldn’t catch a break and become a normal television shows equal over trivial things(after all, there are many shows with horrible scripts that stay on television) women cannot seem to because the chances are so few and far between.

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