Saturday, May 14, 2011

Portrayal of women and the factors that influence it

For my final project I wanted to research any factors that led to the development of the current roles of women in the Polish media news broadcasting as well as the  portrayal of women in general. More specifically I looked in to the development of feminism during the communist regime in Poland. I wanted to see if the political environment influenced the development of the feminism in Poland or whether it hindered it. Most importantly I wanted to also see the influence of "historic" people on the current state of Polish media.

I have found three very influential women, who have been tv celebrities throughout the communist period, which provided me with some evidence that women had better chances at entering the TV industry in communist Poland than in a free/ democratic and capitalistic United States.

Krystyna Loska, Edyta Wojtczak and Bogumila Wender

In the end I have found that the the Catholic Church, traditionalism have also advanced feminist goals in Poland i.e. portrayal of women in the media.

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Final Project Hubert Szumski

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