Wednesday, May 11, 2011


How does it feel to be the unwanted recipient of men’s catcalls, comments and aggression? Ask any woman you meet and she will have a story to tell you. Every woman knows what it feels like to be assaulted whether through words, looks or force.

Living in a culture that condones the ritual harassment and abuse of women is maddening. We are conditioned to endure the humiliation, fear, anxiety and shame of our experience.

I recently heard comedian Chelsea Peretti say, “I read somewhere that men’s biggest fear is that women will laugh at them. And women’s biggest fear is that men will kill them. Kind of different stakes that we’re working with”.

Different stakes indeed...and it’s madness.


  1. I LOVED this! I have had one of these experiences. I love how you told the story through the different voices and really made us think about what we were listening to.

  2. It was a great presentation...
    these kinds of issues in our societies instead of being treated ; they are often normalised and considered as a daily routine ...

    thank you so much for delving into this topic..

  3. Great presentation!

    I wish women would stand up for themselves. I think it's bullshit that you have to be scared whenever you are out in the public. People like those men need to be weeded out. Freaking oxygen thieves.