Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stop Violence against women

Although the Constitution of Nepal provides protections for women, including equal pay for equal work, the Government has not initiated any significant steps to implement its visions.
South Asian countries Like NEPAL are primarily linked with the status of women in family, society and the state structures. Traditional ethical code of the society expects women to remain restricted within four walls of home, which is still a common occurrence. In some of the countries of South Asia women are outlawed even to cast votes. In NEPAL, women are discriminated, because of son preference traditions of the society dominated by religious beliefs. Daughters are discriminated from birth to funeral ceremony. Women are also suffering from domestic violence, wrong tradition and cultural malpractices. Some awful examples of violence are: sex selective abortion, wife battering, child marriage, polygamy, rape, sexual violence, trafficking of women & forced prostitution, sexual harassment, dowry, Tilak system, suicide, killings, and domestic violence, still prevailed. They are still accused in the name of Witchcraft. Members of Parliament have beugn working for the passage of tougher laws for such crimes but have had little success so far. Therefore I decided to my final project on status of women in NEPAL and violence against them.Hopefully my final project will create awareness among 21st century generation of women in USA and in NEPAL. In order to execute my final project i used website as a medium and here is the link to the website.

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