Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Reimagined Interpretation of Dance as My Final Project

According to Miguel Muñoz-Laboy, Hip-Hop culture is a key social medium through which many young men and women from communities of colour in the USA construct their gender. However the case may be, today, dance within the hip hop media is depicted as hypermasculinated featuring one or two muscular males and a hand full of scantily clad women dancing in over-sexually suggestive mannerisms. But can the same be said for female dancers within our spectrum of reality? That is what my final project tries to convey. My final project dissects the prevailing notions what is it means to be a female dancer on-screen in order to provide "real" dancers with the respect, definition, and interpretation that they ultimately deserve. The subjects of my project were my dearest friend and one of my dancing inspirations, Shelby "Shellz" Felton as well as my cousin with a strong connection to the fashion industry, American Apparrel. The reason I chose Shelby is because, unlike the media's portrayal of women and dance represented as half-naked women, Shelby uses her uniquely aggressive and heartfelt style of dance not only as her way of artistic expression, but she also uses her body and movements as her personal form of women empowerment. Very interesting as it is, her interpretative dance style allows her to convey a story which deviates from the prevailing ideas of dance as a form of dominating one's opponent or showing off flashy moves. I chose Wendy because she is an all-rounded dancer who understands that dance is much bigger than what individuals normally see on television. To Wendy, dance is defined as a story that each and every women tries to paint in the hopes of allowing their audience to understand their emotions through bodily movements rather through spoken word. I hope you all enjoy and understand my surreal message :].

Link to my documentary below:

Apologies for late post. The youtube link took roughly 12-13 hours to fully process.

By the way, I wish everyone ALL THE BEST OF LUCK first or last (and in between lol)!!!!

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