Saturday, April 9, 2011

There are more and more women are entering the job market. However, only small percentages of women can achieve management status in the industry. In other words, there are still many men in the real decision- marking. “There is still and atmosphere of discrimination against women in the media from men in the media who see them getting in easier than they did, from viewers who think all they are is pretty face, and from management who look at them only as a statistic that needs to be filled in on an EEO form.” (Eddings, p2) Women and members of minority groups were excluded from decision-making positions in news industry. As a result, “women who work in broadcasting getting no further than production assistant, researcher, assistant-to, and producer of no-budget, ghetto-time public affairs.”(Eddings, p5)

Studies show that women have made no significant progress because white males still hold the majority of management positions. White and male usually take place in management. Moreover, women are working in the companies owned and run by men. They often reject qualified women. Now, the majority of these positions are held by men, so all the information is given is male oriented. In the news industry, they have power to design to what is going to be showed and how is going to be showed. The media play an important role in giving us information of understanding social status, social values, and norms. Young boys and young girls usually learn how to behave from TV. Their understanding of gender roles is influenced by the media. The male character usually is active while the female character is passive. Female character is too weak to handle everything. On the other hand, male character is the one who can make decision. As a result, girls often silence their ideas. They usually follow boys’ idea without any thought, even though they may have some good ideas. We should support the organization like TVbyGIRLS, which helps girls to build leadership, improve their working skill and critical thinking, and engagement in social justice and the issues of their communities. They create some programs to educate girls about gender roles and give them opportunities to share their stories and ideas.

Media has great power in influencing this socialization process. Media shapes our attitudes because we depend on it to make decisions. Media really affect the role and future of the women. Therefore, “Women will not be truly equal until we have full and fair representation in the media.” As women, we need to support Katie Couric and Mona Eltahawy who are trying to break the gender stereotypes.

Katie Couric is the first solo female anchor of a weekday evening news program and the program's managing editor. As we know, “For decades, the big three national network evening newscasts have been anchored predominantly by men, with a few trailblazing female co-anchors, substitutes and weekend anchors.” Couric is a smart woman. However, many people only focus on her gender because they don’t think woman can be the head of the program. They don’t like a female anchor doing the news. They look for any thing to criticize her, such as what she is wearing, her make up, etc. Today, many people get their news from Google readers, CBB’s website. So less people watch the evening news broadcasts. Katie Couric finds her own way to connect the viewers so that more demographics tune into her show.

On the political talk shows, “male guests outnumber female guests by an average ratio of four-to-one. White guests outnumber guests of any other race or ethnicity by nearly seven-to-one.” However, Eltahawy is a frequent guest analyst on U.S. radio and television news shows. She speaks publicly at universities. She also is the managing editor of the Arabic-language version of Women's eNews. She creates an independent, non-profit news website to covers women's issues from the world.
If more people like Katie Couric and Mona Eltahawy, we will succeed. The mainstream media will present a more balanced view of important issue. If we can break the gender stereotypes, then we can achieve our dreams and giant the real equities.

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