Monday, April 4, 2011


Shameless is a grassroots magazine, which supports young writers, editors and designers. The entirely volunteer and female staff produce thought provoking articles and features rooted in feminism and do-it-yourself culture.
 Shameless articles focus on concerns and obstacles faced by young women and transgender youths who feel oppressed based on class, race, immigration status, sexual orientation and gender identity. The content of the magazine is guided by a teen advisory board, which ensures the articles remain poignant to teens of various race, gender identity, class and orientation.
They have no corporate backers to advertise and they trade advertisements with other alternative media and feminist organizations, while producing most of their revenue through newsstand and subscriptions sales. Shameless is distributed mostly in Canada and to selective newsstands in the U.S.
Shameless encourages self-discovery and adventure. It’s articles concentrate on looking outside ones self to find happiness rather than celebrity worship and emulation. 

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