Thursday, March 24, 2011

Women As The Audience

Below is the link to Group # 2's Prezi Presentation on Women as the Audience.

This presentation aids to convey the dichotomy between the male and female gaze, and uses a feminist approach towards understanding the female audience as they interpret the depiction of women in the mass media.
This can be understood through two significant elements:

1) Analyzing selected beauty versus broadened beauty in advertisement.

  • Is the "corset" thin image a healthy, trendy, AND ideal look for mass consumers?

2) Dissecting the "Real" American Woman from her "Fantasized" counterpart on television.

  • Are "real" women truly the opposite of media portrayals?


  • Do women put on "fantasized" monstrous images to threaten male phallocentrism?

Questions For Thought

How do we define a Feminine Audience?

Would you consider women to be passive in visual narratives and in media?

How do we essentially distinguish the perception between the male gaze and those of females?

NOTE: Please let me know if the Prezi presentation link is having issues.


  1. This is so ridiculous. A plus size model? She looks pretty average to me. I don't know, maybe I am exception here. The rest of Americans must interact only with anorexic "bags of bones" on daily basis to identify that model as plus size. It sure would explain a lot. So ridiculous.

  2. I concur. Basically, the media's everyday message is, "what you see is what you get." It truly does irritate me, the idea of beauty being selective. Moreover, how skinny do Americans want their models to be? Obviously it's a life-threatening business we have on our hands, but the media doesn't buy into that. Instead, to them, only the body images that sells sex constitutes as an importance. Now, if only more people were aware....