Saturday, February 5, 2011

Girard Tecson

The name is Girard Tecson. I am a Media major at Hunter College and I’m a filmmaker. I decided to be a filmmaker when I saw a crappy movie called “Getting’ da Munchies” and thought that I could make a better movie. Ever since then, I have been trying to perfect my craft by taking media/film/production classes and creating various short films and videos. When I became a Youtube Partner on 2010, I made a website to showcase my work. I haven’t posted all my work yet, but I will eventually.

I’m a social person. I pretty much have to be one in this field, because I love meeting and working with talented and creative individuals. I collaborated projects with many people and I’m open to new ones. I'm always looking for new talents to work with.

Aside from school and filmmaking, I teach computer classes at LaGuardia Community College, and also work as a lab tech in the computer editing lab.


  1. Cool story. I like that you are straight and to the point. Simplicity is always best.

  2. Teaching and learning is the best. I teach to learn! Making films and sharing your skills with others - sounds like you are on a great track. Continued success. I look forward to seeing your work for your final project.

  3. Day Side Production looks great...keep us updated..

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  5. Awesome!

    I am trying to get into film making as well. Though I am more of a photographer myself.The profession of a photographer now is steadily fusing with film making as well. So it's vital to learn the skills now and stay in the game. Multimedia is the future.